Stephanie Seymour may have killed a secret agent

By brendon December 30, 2011 @ 1:54 PM


I’m not positive if that headline is true or not but it’s the day before New Years Eve and nothing is going on and no one is at work and these are just more bikini pictures of Stephanie Seymour in St. Barts and I wanted it to seem more exiting. So I added that part about a double cross and her being an assassin. Who knows, it could be true. In hindsight I hope it’s not true though because she would probably come after me next.

(image source = wenn and pacific coast)


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  1. Mac-Daddy 12/30/2011 15:41

    I’m not sure if I’m supposed to knwo who this girl is but, that s one GREAT ASS!!!

  2. CodPiece 12/30/2011 16:05

    I’d hit it …

  3. SomeoneluvsU 12/30/2011 16:14

    In the banner pic…
    Is she waiting for her son?

  4. smellsgreat 12/30/2011 16:25

    I’d say the sun does not shine down there…..the woman izzzz white!!!!

  5. Jo Jo Dancer 12/30/2011 17:38

    Not bad for 43 and after having four children. I now understand why her (even gay) son would grope her in the story you posted back in January.

  6. Man Wall 12/30/2011 18:38

    I die whenever I look at that..

  7. KeyserSoze 12/31/2011 04:24

    She always gives me the most amazing boners

  8. 12/31/2011 11:28

    I cannot stop watching the third image!
    Perfect woman – Perfect BUTT!

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