Arnold is wearing his wedding ring again

By brendon January 03, 2012 @ 7:37 PM


Arnold Schwarzenegger hasn’t been seen wearing his wedding ring for several months, but INF reveals that he was wearing it again over the holidays while on vacation with his kids in Sun Valley, Idaho. And that he and Maria Shriver went to mass on Christmas Eve together. And that he apparently got his wedding ring from Jostens.

NOTE: guh. the page was supposed to be back to normal today, so I apologize for it being so slow. my girlfriend had to go to the emergency room this morning and to hear her tell it, that means I had to go too. someone seems to think they’re too good to take the bus, even after I offered to pay for it.

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    Mac-Daddy 01/03/2012 19:56

    who gives a shit about Aahhnold.

    Plus, you really expect us to believe you have a GF??

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    Mando 01/03/2012 20:01

    Looks like Arnold had a lobotomy.

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    muslhed1 01/03/2012 20:20

    Is Julri okay? Does she need a blood donor? A kidney? Call me!

  4. avatar
    Pvt Slackjawed 01/03/2012 20:48

    Julri is fine! I gave her a full examination….

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    GaryaaBuseyyyahh 01/04/2012 14:21

    You broke your right hand?

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    Burbank 01/05/2012 14:11

    Fucking Catholics. Some priest apparently talked “sense” into Maria, maintaining her as just another Kennedy bitch who will roll over when her husband cheats on her in the most public, humiliating manner.

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    KirbyRyan93 01/25/2012 19:42

    First Imogen Thomas tweeted till her fingers were raw over Natasha Giggs while she was in the Celeb Big Brother house.

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