the definitive Alex Rodriguez picture

By brendon January 10, 2012 @ 2:02 PM


The reason people think Alex Rodriguez is gay because he does things like spend the day working on his tan with his manly looking girlfriend and a little dog with a pink bow in it’s hair.

There’s no follow up point to this by the way, I’m just explaining why people think Alex Rodriguez is gay.

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    Mac-Daddy 01/10/2012 14:12

    She’s doable!

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    Gildorg 01/10/2012 14:16

    Yeah, I have to go with the Doable classification on this one…

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    Mac-Daddy 01/10/2012 14:42

    Not sure why Br@ndumb has an aversion to hot fit women. I like my girls to have nice flat muscular bellys.

    Provides speed bumps for my tongue!

    Plus, sure beats the alternative of loosing my tongue in a world of fat rolls!

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    Sono 01/10/2012 14:45

    You know, that chick was probably pretty good looking before she started working out too much and had those bolt on implant installed. Was his ex-wife like all of these muscle women or did he pickup the gay later in life?

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    Moose 01/10/2012 14:57

    Torrie Wilson is anything but “manly looking”

  6. avatar 01/10/2012 15:23

    she probably makes him bite the pillow

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    SomeoneluvsU 01/10/2012 15:25

    Math for the day

    Torrie Wilson x 5 = Ann Wilson

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    Mr. Poop 01/10/2012 15:28

    I wonder if that dog has been wormed recently?

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    Mr. Poop 01/10/2012 15:29

    . . . or A-rod for that matter

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    harleydavidson 01/10/2012 16:26


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    Bukowski 01/10/2012 16:42

    That chick is pretty fucking hot…in shape does not a man make. The dog, on the other hand, is questionable.

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    QueerWithaGun 01/11/2012 10:42

    Who’s the ladyboy in the bikini?

  13. avatar 01/11/2012 16:40

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    BA732 01/12/2012 11:41

    If they had a kid it would come out of the womb with a needle in its ass…..

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