Jim Rash and Nat Faxon made fun of Angelina Jolie

By brendon February 27, 2012 @ 12:06 PM

Thanks to Billy Crystal and his war against comedy, you were no doubt fast asleep by the time Angelina Jolie walked on stage last night and showed off her legs while presenting the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay. So you missed it when Jim Rash (who plays Dean Pelton on ‘Community’!) and Nat Faxon (who has a lot to learn about campfire safety, according to Blake Griffin in this Kia commercial!) sort of made fun of her and stood in the same awkward pose that she did (which you can see in the hastily edited video above).

But it was all in good fun, according to the Hollywood Reporter

Faxon’s reaction backstage to the idea that the team was making fun of her: “Angelina’s supremely hot. There’s no way to do anything but honor her.”
Rash added, “I had just seen her pose and thought it was bold and fun. And you know what? We have exactly the same legs! Really, it was a loving tribute and nothing but.”

Lots of people are making fun of Angelina today, and I’m probably supposed to join in because a girl who makes Jennifer Aniston cry constantly and who is really skinny and dresses slutty is apparently supposed to bother me. Oh and it does, in the same sense that it bothers a bear when you give him a pot of honey.

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    Dr Poop 02/27/2012 12:15

    I have it on good authority that her clitoris is sub-standard.

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    Dr Poop 02/27/2012 12:15

    I have it on good authority that her clitoris is sub-standard.

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    P3pp3r 02/27/2012 12:17

    That was as exciting as when my mom used to let me play with her box of used condoms……

  4. avatar
    P3pp3r 02/27/2012 12:18

    At least my dad was kind to me. He would take her box away and put down a box of razor blades…

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    STINKFIST 02/27/2012 12:20

    Dear Dr. Poop,

    Long-time fan, first time caller. I like to take a shit in the morning and then jump in the shower without wiping and clean my asshole with a handful of soap and a good fingering. Lately, I have noticed that my fingering has not only begun to take a lot longer, but also seems to have really gotten a little aggressive. Some mornings, franlky, I am a little offended

    Does that make me gay?


    Confused in Columbus.

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    Cocktail 02/27/2012 12:20

    I have it on good authority that her clitoris is sub-standard.

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    Rok 02/27/2012 12:23

    I heard the same thing.

    No shut up, I want to hear what Dr. Poop says about this.

    I think this probably effects alot of us.

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    RD 02/27/2012 12:33

    That was funny. Jolie looks horrible and thinks she looks good. And her pose? Whatever, Jolie. Go eat a cheeseburger and get some weight on your anorexic body.

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    Dr Poop 02/27/2012 13:36


    Thanks for your question. It takes a brave man to be so vulnerable on a public forum like this, and I appreciate that you did not call into the Nate Berkus show before you consulted me.

    I think as long as the relationship you are having with yourself is consensual, you are on safe ground.

    As far as being gay, how does your boyfriend feel about the situation?

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    maddiejake 02/27/2012 13:43

    WTH!!! Did Brad stop feeding her or something? That girl needs to eat. She looks like shit. Maybe she’s on the Whitney Houston diet plan. Somebody FEED THAT WOMAN!!!!

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    Observer 02/27/2012 13:47

    Dr. Poop…….

    ….how do you expect Stinkfist to ask his boyfriend ANY thing when he’s sportin’ a mouthful of cock….???

  12. avatar
    Dr Poop 02/27/2012 13:49


    You should be more careful about your own cock and make sure to use lots of vitamin E lotion for those stretch-marks

  13. avatar
    P3pp3r 02/27/2012 14:01

    Holy SHIT!!!
    I just gave my one eye sailor some E lotion…NO SIR, he didn’t like it…he just puked all over the floor…..

  14. avatar
    Observer 02/27/2012 14:09

    Dr. Poop…..

    …..those stretch marks are PROOF that all those e-mails I get sell VALID products…..

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    AbeVigoda10 02/27/2012 15:48

    Jesus Christ, for the first time ever Aniston looks like the better option. Congrats Jes, you win, you’ve earned it.

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    stan123 02/27/2012 21:48

    Lol – what a gay pose. there’s nothing sexy about an aging skeleton walking around pretending like they’re still the shit

  17. avatar
    BA732 02/27/2012 22:45

    bitch is a mummy


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    taffany 02/28/2012 02:38

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    Deadpool 02/28/2012 19:28

    Angelina is way too skinny. She is anorexic, no doubt. My sister is recovering, so I know what it looks like. I lost all feelings toward her. And the fact that Brad Pitt doesn’t step in is worse. She adopts starving children to only give them her food so that she’ll starve.

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