Macaulay Culkin is doing great

By brendon February 09, 2012 @ 8:20 PM


The Sun and INF posted two new pictures of Macaulay Culkin today, and even though he looked “worryingly emaciated”, his manager told E! that he’s doing great, and “in perfectly good health.” Which can only mean that his manager is Willem Dafoe, and thinks that this is what people are supposed to look like.

(image source = inf daily)

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    P3pp3r 02/09/2012 21:00

    Must be spending a lot of time home alone…with a shit load of H…Meth and coke………See what I did there?

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    juvination 02/09/2012 21:30

    Rickety Cricket!!!!

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    pyrodex 02/09/2012 21:30

    God someone get him a robe and some broth… I think he has the AIDS….

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    Cocktail 02/09/2012 21:55

    He’s looking more like Michael Jackson every day!

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    maddiejake 02/09/2012 22:18

    I agree, does he have AIDS? Or a meth addiction?

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    Mr. Poop 02/09/2012 22:24


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    Gildorg 02/09/2012 22:29

    He used to bang Mila Kunis…
    Life is just not fair sometimes…

    So there was a stupid hot chick with apparently messed up toes, a couple of hot chicks with nice asses and a somewhat middle-aged chick showing off most of her boobs…

    Sounds like a fairly decent day at WWTDD…


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    Eyes_Closed 02/09/2012 22:59

    Picture #2 is cute…..a boy and his dog out for a stroll……

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    The Narrator 02/10/2012 00:18

    Any life in which you fuck Mila Kunis is a good one.

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    Dave 02/10/2012 08:55

    Man MJ really fucked this guy up.

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    DBXdarkangel 02/10/2012 09:09

    Who crares about this shit head…

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    greg 02/10/2012 09:48

    So are we really all pretending that there’s no possibility that he looks like this for a role? I mean the guy is an actor. I could give a fuck about him either way, but considering the lengths some people go to change there appearance for a role (DeNiro in the Untouchables for one) I’m surprised that everyone’s first instinct is to assume he’s got aids or a meth addiction.

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    Cocktail 02/10/2012 10:02

    I’m assuming he has either AIDS or an addiction to meth!

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    j4ck4l 02/10/2012 11:01

    I bet if he made the home alone face he would look like a ghoul or that painting “The scream”.

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    j4ck4l 02/10/2012 11:02

    Greg must be new here.

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    Rok 02/10/2012 11:36

    Kicking in the front seat, sitting in the back seat. FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, looking forward to the the Wee-eek end!!!!

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    Rok 02/10/2012 11:52

    Did you guys see that Neutrogena ad?

    P3pper uses that to polish his knob.

  18. avatar 02/10/2012 12:06

    juvination +1

    and please button up that shirt. Serge says it’s not sexy, it’s ani-mal….

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    Rok 02/10/2012 12:44

    Fucking Comcast

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    harleydavidson 02/10/2012 12:44

    cocaine is a hell of a drug

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