Natlaie Portman got married

By brendon February 28, 2012 @ 4:39 PM


Natalie Portman hasn’t said anything official yet, but a jeweler told People magazine that she designed wedding rings for Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepid, rings they appeared to be wearing Sunday night at the Oscars.

Wolf created two diamond rings for Portman, made to fit on either side of her engagement ring, and a platinum band for Millepied.

As you can see, Millepied was wearing the band (which wasn’t there last year) and the design for Portmans ring explains why her band is so much thicker now (before, before and after).

The weird thing is she wore that ring to the Screen Actors Guild Awards on January 29th too (1, 2), so they’ve apparently been married for a while and no one noticed until now. And actually no one did notice, that gabby jeweler ratted her out. Maybe no one would have noticed even now because the dress Natalie wore Sunday made it look like she had huge tits, and who cares about her hands if Natalie Portman has huge tits. She could have hooks or that stabby point thing Terminator 2 had for all I care, I’d still let her jack me off.

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    harleydavidson 02/28/2012 16:46

    did anyone see that fire at the Daytona 500 last night? i cant believe how that shit happened. leave it to the hispanic to run into the damn service vehicles. maybe he would drive better if someone told him a bag of columbian bam bam was strapped to the undercarriage of the car.

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    Cocktail 02/28/2012 16:49

    Did you also see him run away from his vehicle after the wreck? He prolly had no insurance.

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    Observer 02/28/2012 16:50


    ….My wife and I DID see that fire…….it made whatever show that was bleed over into our local news………I think…..

    ……since the wife got bored she headed over to the computer to surf FaceBook……..and I was forced to watch naked chicks on Cinemax and Showtime….

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    Mr. Nutt 02/28/2012 16:54

    I wish I was there to see that fire. Nothing like a marshmallow on the end of a car antenna cooked over a jet fuel fire.

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    Observer 02/28/2012 16:54

    ….as far as this post goes…….that dress DOES make it seem like Natalie has tits now……..

    …..therefore WEBMASTER…….where the fuck are they…???????

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    Mr. Nutt 02/28/2012 16:56

    A French ballet dancer? I guess not all girls go for the bad boys!

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    Observer 02/28/2012 17:07

    ……so…….NOT a Jew, you say…..???

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    harleydavidson 02/28/2012 17:08


    ill bet the girls in that cinemax porn were way better in the sack than natalie “no tits” portman. and those cinemax bitches werent even really fucking.

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    Observer 02/28/2012 17:25


    …..they LOOKED like method actresses……..but you never know…..

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    Observer 02/28/2012 19:15

    I’ve always wondered how Natalie Portman spells her name………

    Natlaie Portman got married

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    taffany 02/28/2012 22:27

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    BA732 02/28/2012 22:52

    she looks like a 13 yr old boy… real women at

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    wsdwsdwsd 03/02/2012 07:49


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