‘the Hobbit’ might look a little too good

By brendon April 24, 2012 @ 8:30 PM


As you may know, Peter Jackson is directing his two ‘Lord of the Rings’ prequels in 3D and at 48 frames per second, twice the old standard of 24 frames per second. ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’ will be the first major movie filmed at this rate.

Well today he screened 10 minutes of footage at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, and according to some, it sorta sucked. Because now the images are actually too crisp and clear, and it doesn’t look like a movie any more.

Devin Faraci on Badass Digest says:

“…it has that soap opera look you get from badly calibrated TVs at Best Buy.
The footage I saw looked terrible … completely non-cinematic. The sets looked like sets … sets don’t even look like sets when you’re on them live, but these looked like sets. The magical illusion of cinema is stripped away completely.”

A reporter from Variety (via IndieWire) was slightly kinder:

“…a thing to behold. Totally different experience. Not all will like the change. 48 fps has an immediacy that is almost jarring … unfortunately, (it also) looks a bit like television.”

Well between this new clarity and the 3D, ‘The Hobbit’ should be just like going to a super elaborate LARP battle, complete with me calling everyone in a costume a fag.

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    Admiral 04/24/2012 21:41

    Haha, this sounds awesome! Anything that fucks with ‘traditionalist’ movie critics is fantastic. Fuck those pussy critics and their elitist view of a completely subjective medium.

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    Gildorg 04/24/2012 21:50


    Maybe he should reconsider filming it in the good ol’ reliable frame rate… It might up out at the box office…

    Where the hell is that bottle, it is time for a drink or three…


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    happyberserk 04/24/2012 22:46

    @Admiral–you don’t like when movies look good?
    i’ll stay away from the pussy 3D myself, thanks.

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    2 fingers 1 Thumb 04/24/2012 22:55

    Fuck those fucks. You might say, I know a thing or two about this shit. This is to me as copiers are to Peepers.

    Now can we film the naked yoga in this format please?

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    SexyRicardSimmons 04/24/2012 23:17

    This film is racist! Where are the nagger hobbits?

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    Cocktail 04/24/2012 23:33

    The big question on everybody’s mind is: Will there be some hobbit titties in this movie?

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    Mr. Nutt 04/24/2012 23:39

    As long as hobbit titties are not hairy.

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    Thundercunt 04/25/2012 02:30

    This is what I’ve been saying about Blu-Ray for years. It’s TOO sharp. I assume this is worse than that.

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    gunner 04/25/2012 03:50

    The blurry is better argument is the height of stupid.

    Right up there with the vinyl records are superior morons.

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    harleydavidson 04/25/2012 07:36

    bring back 8 tracks!

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    iSlomoshun 04/25/2012 08:26

    I trust Peter Jackson over any fuck stick movie critic.

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    Mr. Nutt 04/25/2012 08:33

    Peter Jackson is human and will fail again. I hope not, but King Kong was terrible.

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    SomeoneluvsU 04/25/2012 08:54

    Don’t bring cash to get into this movie…
    They only take Tolkiens


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    wraithgod@hotmail.com 04/25/2012 09:01

    My TV has a feature that does something like that, smooths the movements, forget what it’s called. We fucking hated it before we figured out how to turn it off. It really does make everything look fake, or like a home video.

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    Mr. Nutt 04/25/2012 09:10

    If this new format really ruins the viewing experience, maybe Hollywood is doing it on purpose to distract from their crap product?

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    Mr. Nutt 04/25/2012 09:23

    Does she have a point?


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    Rok 04/25/2012 09:46

    I deserve to be blown!

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    Mr. Poop 04/25/2012 09:51

    What does this have to do with Batman?

  19. avatar
    Mr. Nutt 04/25/2012 10:31

    Rok, do you know this girl?


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    Raymond K. Hessel 04/25/2012 10:37

    SexyRichardSimmons @ 23:17

    They’re in there, but they’re called Orcs

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