its the ‘Taken 2′ trailer

By brendon June 21, 2012 @ 7:39 PM

‘Taken 2′ finally came out with a trailer today, with that Russian guy who is a villain in every movie vowing to get revenge on Liam Neeson for killing his friends in ‘Taken 1’. Though “revenge” might not be the best word. Those guys did kidnap Liam Neesons daughter and try to sell her as a sex slave. I don’t know how Russian Bad Guy expected Liam Neeson to react but he seems pretty surprised that he would be upset. Maybe we should sell Russian Bad Guys daughter as a sex slave, see how he likes it!

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    Okuma 06/21/2012 20:27

    You know…I really don’t want to be “that guy” but….your atrocious misuse of the apostrophe makes reading your posts difficult to say the least.

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    Broadsword 06/21/2012 20:55

    If you watched the first film, you would know that the people he fights are Albanians. Not Russians.

    Obviously you failed at your little to no research.

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    P3pp3r 06/21/2012 21:01

    …..” I agree”…..

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    P3pp3r 06/21/2012 21:04

    Who is the “new”…guy writing all the bad posts?
    Try to be funny….just once!

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    Gildorg 06/21/2012 22:53

    Oh No…

    Is P3pp3r’s ban over now?

    Oh well, I guess this place wouldn’t be the same without someone to be completely unnecessarily hostile to everyone… I mean, Zombie was good at that.

    In any case, home finally from running fricking errands, going to the doctor, going to work to see if I should go in tomorrow and running down medicines.

    I have left eye barotrauma. Basically, I blew a hole in the connect-way between your sinuses and your eye. It is fairly rare, the doc said the last case he had saw was a year ago and it was half as bad as mine. He had never seen one that swelled both the upper and lower lids. It will take a minimum of 5-7 days to heal and a good part of face on that side might turn purple from bruising.

    So, I now have an eye-patch and some really expensive eye-drops… One of my bosses at work said he was going to get me a Pirate Hat to wear… Gotta love the support.

    Back, since Johnny Depp loves his Rum… I shall take a run at what little bourbon I have left! Cheers!

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    P3pp3r 06/21/2012 23:03

    Gildork… No one gives a shit…. Why don’t you drink yourself to death…. Or go kiss a moving train

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    Gildorg 06/21/2012 23:07

    You what P3pp3r, unlike yourself I consider this place to be basically alright, and I enjoy my online-friends I have here. I do not go out of my way to be rude to anyone. I never have. I do not know why you are such an unhappy person, but perhaps you should consider taking up drinking…

    You might find that you are a happy drunk and therefore a more pleasant person to be around…

    In any case, I am planing on attempting to at least drink my level of pain down to a comfortable level and if I am lucky enough… Death shall quickly follow…

    Cheers, Sir.

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    Observer 06/21/2012 23:15


    ….when you’re feeling better…..what should an old man like myself be drinking on a hot summer’s day…..???

    …it was a record 96 degrees in Boston today…..

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    Observer 06/21/2012 23:18

    P3eeper…….if I want to fuck Octo-mom……am I gonna need an 8 incher….???

    …because that might be a problem…..

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    P3pp3r 06/21/2012 23:22

    Gildork…I’m sorry for being mean to you… Let’s be online friends from now on…. As a token, here is ten dollars… Now go get your shine box and go play with the third rail…..

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    P3pp3r 06/21/2012 23:24

    Observer….it’s preety hot here as well

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    Honkey Dong 06/21/2012 23:30

    Fuck Hollywood and their fucking sequels! Those lazy fucks just take advantage of the successes of an original movie, and milk the concept to death with stupid rip-offs with the same predictable themes as the original because the movie-going public is so gullible! Did anybody that actually saw “Hangover 2″ feel they got their money’s worth? I didn’t think so.

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    Observer 06/21/2012 23:36

    I never saw Hangover 1………

    ….but Busty Cops 2 was a decent re-boot…..

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    Observer 06/21/2012 23:40


    …I’m sure it….

    ……I was at the local pool this evening (afternoon?) and I have to extend my appreciation for this unreasonably hot day and its effect on the MILFS……

    …sad to say….at my advanced age…..the teenage lifeguards all just look like a bunch of whiny happy-meals………..however…..there’s nothing like a 38 year old saggy set of giant tits to get me looking….

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    Observer 06/21/2012 23:43

    Remember when my wife and I were my avatar…..

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    P3pp3r 06/21/2012 23:45

    38 years old?
    You jest….
    R0k@n is much older then that… And I beleve the word is Moobs

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    Observer 06/21/2012 23:47

    Roken is older than 38!!!!!!

    …..but he looks so young …..especially with the 2 girlfriends and the ex-wife in that 900 mile per hour Boxter…….

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    Observer 06/21/2012 23:48


    …it is sad……when I go to the pool I just watch for the little kids to grab their mommies’ cleavage suit and pull out a boob………

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    wokDONTrun 06/22/2012 02:53

    The actor playing the villain might Russian but he’s playing an Albanian person in the movie. The villain’s name is Murad which happens to be Albanian. Hey stupid, maybe you should be the one to do the research.

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    harleydavidson 06/22/2012 07:50

    if only this were to be reality