Louis CK didn’t mean to defend Daniel Tosh

By brendon July 17, 2012 @ 3:57 PM

Rape is obviously terrible and awful and wrong (except in self defense), so Daniel Tosh got into a lot of internet trouble last week when he made some rape jokes at a comedy club. One girl in the audience was surprised to hear jokes while at a comedy club, and went online to cry about it. But then the great Louis CK came to his defense, and after that people started to calm down.

Except, as he explained on the Daily Show last night, Louis CK wasn’t trying to come to anyones defense because he was on vacation in Vermont and hadn’t gone online or heard any news and had no idea Daniel Tosh was in any sort of controversy.

He should have though because Louis CK has a terrific rape joke (video here):

“I’m not condoning rape obviously, you should never rape anyone. Unless you have a reason, like if you want to fuck somebody and they won’t let you. In which case, what other option do you have?”

But other than that rape isn’t funny. Lots of editorials have made it clear that it’s a very serious matter and not to be taken lightly. It takes planning and preparation to do it right. Or am I missing the point?

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    SomeoneluvsU 07/17/2012 16:04

    Dam nit… We have to right not to be offended… It’s in the constitution…
    As a matter of fact, Brend@n has offended me with a serious lack of tits..
    I DEMAND an apology!!! (and tits)

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    Mr. Poop 07/17/2012 16:07

    Is it considered raping yourself if you really don’t feel like jacking off, but you kind of decided during the day that you should so you don’t blow your wad in 30 seconds when you finally get to hit some sweet pussy on the weekend, so you rub your dick for a while, then stop cause you still don’t feel like it, then you force you finger up your ass, which give you a boner, then you finger fuck your ass violently while saying, “No, I don’t want to!” Then you cum, wipe your dick on the curtains, lick a $20.00 bill, slap it to your forehead, then cry yourself to sleep?

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    Rok 07/17/2012 16:08

    Ummmmmmm . . . .

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    Observer 07/17/2012 16:28

    Rape is an AWFUL thing……

    ….unless you’re the one doing the fucking……then it sounds pretty cool….

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    Rok 07/17/2012 16:52


    Maybe you need to talk to Sarah Jacobs and compare notes.

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    Pitbulllover 07/17/2012 18:03

    first, is the standard now that if one person doesn’t like something, then it’s bad? second, Louie recently had a great scene in which he berates a chatty woman in the audience (that blond chubby chick from Smash) and makes her cry. But isn’t that basically what comics are supposed to do?

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    LoK 07/17/2012 18:41

    Poop I think you should talk to a therapist

    I’ll take the rapists for 200…

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    Observer 07/18/2012 09:35

    The final comment by Louis C.K. about getting together and killing the Jews………sounds like a decent plan…….

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    Raymond K. Hessel 07/18/2012 14:08

    Anal bum cover for $400 Alex.

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    Pugiron 07/18/2012 14:19

    Enjoying Daniel Tosh does not mean you support rape. It just means you are stupid with a shitty sense of humor.

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    blueshoptrade 07/19/2012 00:11


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    RhaeG 07/19/2012 03:05

    Louis C.K. explained to Jon Stewart that he had no idea about what went on at the Laugh Factory – clearing his name and ending the interview simply stating that, “Tosh is making me laugh, so I wrote a tweet.”
    Read more about it here: (http://thecelebritycafe.com/feature/2012/07/louis-ck-clears-his-name-daniel-tosh-rape-joke-controversy)

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