Tony Scotts family says he did not have brain cancer

By brendon August 21, 2012 @ 1:17 PM


The only good news yesterday about the suicide of director Tony Scott was the report that he had inoperable brain cancer, so instead of withering away in agony, he at least went out on his own terms, and he could stick his arms out and pretend to be Superman for a few seconds because that would be fun.

Oh, but now the LA Times is here to say fuck you and your silver lining.

The Los Angeles County coroner’s office said it has not determined whether director Tony Scott had any health problems before he jumped off a San Pedro bridge Sunday and said family members have denied media reports that he was suffering from inoperable brain cancer.
As in many cases, the coroner said it would not have a final cause of death until toxicology and other tests are back in several weeks.

Yeah even if the doctor did tell me I had brain cancer, I don’t think I would have gone and jumped off a bridge. Mostly because I’m a huge pussy, but also just in case the doctor has another patient named Scott Tony who’s wondering why his headache won’t go away.

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    Honkey Dong 08/21/2012 13:28

    Sounds to me like Tony Scott was just tired of making movies with Denzel Washington.

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    2 fingers 1 Thumb 08/21/2012 13:44

    This is disappointing. I thought everyone in Hollywood was happy. I am moving there in a few weeks. I swear if I off myself, it will be far more spectacular.

    R0kan, he crushes them first? That is disappointing. The guys were talking about shoving other things up there. May be why I haven’t seen him today.

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    RemSteale 08/21/2012 13:58

    Most of us would rather see Amanda Seyfrieds holes.

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    LuckyBastard 08/21/2012 14:43

    No tits here….. movin along

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    SomeoneluvsU 08/21/2012 14:44

    I thought the official cause of death was

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    RemSteale 08/21/2012 15:01

    Hotlinking is forbidden apparently Obs. Sound advice when you think about it

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