Lady Gaga has pissed off the Muslims

September 19, 2012 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Millions of people have said they’d like to kill Lady Gaga at some point, but they didn’t mean it literally, and it’s usually after hearing one of her songs or seeing Perez Hilton.

But now some people might mean it literally, because two days ago in London she wore a burka with a handbag that had “cunt” written on it, and the people in question are savage lunatics.

“That (handbag) comes across as a clear insult to Muslims and Islam,” said a Chicago-based representative of several Muslim groups, who asked not to be identified. I’m hearing that the uproar is leading to a big increase in Lady Gaga’s security detail.

Wait what? A Muslim is perceiving some innocuous act as a personal insult to their religion? I’ve never heard of such a thing!

I asked Gaga’s friend Lindsay Lohan what she thought about this and Lindsay Lohan stood defiant. “Screw those pedophiles,” Lindsay Lohan said. Lindsay Lohan then added: “They talk big but they’re too busy sucking cock to do anything about it. I, and by that I mean me, the actress Lindsay Lohan, didn’t see anything about purses in the Koran while I was pissing on it.”

(source = chicago sun times. image source = bauer griffin, inf)

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