Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively got married

By brendon September 10, 2012 @ 2:54 PM


Ryan Reynolds starting dating Scarlett Johansson in April of 2007 and they secretly got married in September of 2008. That marriage lasted a little more than 2 years, and if you think the problem was that he dated her too long, than you and Ryan Reynolds agree, because he secretly married Blake Lively this weekend in South Carolina, after dating her for just 11 months.

Hopefully this marriage sticks because he’s maybe two divorces from going to a chruch in a tux and picking up girls as the walk down the aisle to marry someone else. And he’s rich and handsome and charming and does crunches like 50 fucking hours a day. If you have a hot girlfriend, he’s like seeing a big shark while your boat is sinking; you just hope he goes after someone else.

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    dubbya 09/10/2012 15:19

    I got out of bed for this? For shame. To the liquor cabinet!

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    redneckwordsofwisdom 09/10/2012 15:33

    Wow, a post on a Monday? And before noon PST? Somebody’s feeling motivated this week.

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    SigmaEW 09/10/2012 15:35

    this story probably deserves naked self photos of Blake Lively

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    LoK 09/10/2012 16:18

    Must be weird to be with a chick with a dudes name

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    SomeoneluvsU 09/10/2012 16:41

    He’s gonna green lantern that ho.

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    aquanetta jones 09/10/2012 18:48

    He could live the dream and bang so many syphilis infected skanks…why do us men have such a need to find a chick who will get ugly and fat at some point.

    If I was this ka-douche would gold plate my dong and walk around with it sticking out and convince girls to rub it for luck.

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    Tipped 09/10/2012 19:44

    This chick is just not hot at all.

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    B A Baracus 09/11/2012 13:21

    So now Daredvil can tell Green Lantern that he hit it first…

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