Bobbi Kristina is marrying her “adopted brother”

By brendon October 11, 2012 @ 1:16 PM


Whitney Houston believed the children were our future, teach them well and something something, but not if you’re a drug addict. Crack heads shouldn’t be teaching the children a god damn thing. But Whitney did and now her daughter Bobbi Kristina is a gap toothed idiot too.

Example: in this clip from A&E’s upcoming ‘The Houstons: On Our Own’, Kristina (19) confirms that she is engaged to Nick Gordon (22), and while his past is a bit of a mystery, we do know he was unofficially adopted by Houston when he was young and raised alongside Bobbi. So she’s essentially marrying (and fucking) her step-brother. Hot, right?

So I guess recording your step-sister in the shower and masturbating to it isn’t so weird after all, and my dad owes me an apology.

(image source = fame/flynet)


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  1. handler 10/11/2012 14:48

    This is just fucking sick. why!? Oh, and i’m not sure if this would make them step brother and sister, not that it matters, it makes my stomach turn.

  2. aquanetta jones 10/11/2012 14:52

    I would never do her missionary…If I looked at her face while banging I would never stop seeing Bobby Brown’s goofy face lookin back up at me.

    Actually, I wouldn’t do her in any position….I am no mudshark

  3. TheMoose 10/11/2012 14:52

    Jesus christ! You could drive a truck through that gap!

  4. meanz71 10/11/2012 15:22

    I thought Michael Strahan was a man?

  5. SomeoneluvsU 10/11/2012 15:36

    Ricky Bobby is less redneck than this chick.

  6. Tipped 10/11/2012 17:10

    This sends chills up my spine. wont be long before this becomes a lifetime movie.

  7. Tylerdurden389 10/11/2012 22:46

    Every step-brother I fuck, you will be there. Every step-brother I suck, we’ll be together.

    I ain’t got teeth straight, I’m all confused. My folks must’ve done a hit with me.
    Done drugs since 5, too drunk to drive. Can’t believe I call this home.
    And as a matter of fact, it blows my mind, that you would even sleep with me.
    Cuz a guy like you is like a dream come true,a step-bro fantasy.

    No matter what you friends try to tell us, we were made to fall in love.
    And we can be together, any kinda weather. It’s like that, it’s like, ohhhh.

  8. Thissiteiswack 10/12/2012 11:12

    Getting married at nineteen is a good decision.

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