Jessica Simpsons fiance cheated on her

By brendon October 03, 2012 @ 7:13 PM


Jessica Simpsons fiancĂ© Eric Johnson was still married when he and Jessica started dating, and now it turns out he might have been cheating on both of them. But don’t get too excited because it was in the lamest way possible.

Simpson may have thought Johsnons marriage to Keri Johnson was well and truly over by the time she started dating him, but sources exclusively tell Star that the former NFL player was actually sleeping with both of them at the same time.

This guy is really sort of a doofus but it does seem like he stumbled onto a loophole when it comes to cheating. It’s gonna be pretty hard for Jessica to take the moral high ground when the fight begins with her asking, “you cheated on me with your wife?”

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    Pugiron 10/03/2012 19:54

    Why would he cheat on a girl that weighs as much as the other NFL players?

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    Admiral 10/04/2012 01:23

    Haha, this post was pretty good.

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    tulmkr 10/04/2012 04:07

    the Crisco is so she can slide that fat ass into the truck.

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    scoobster 10/04/2012 07:40

    They both have cheated on their significant others. They just can`t resist. Remember she is nuclear napalm.

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    aquanetta jones 10/04/2012 17:59

    I wonder if Tony Romo regrets the turnover of this yeti.

    I bet her balls stink

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