Madonna fell down, flopped around like a spaz

By brendon October 23, 2012 @ 5:55 PM

I got pretty excited when I heard that Madonna fell during her concert in Dallas, because I was picturing an Owen Hart type fall where she would literally die. And while it was fun to see her flail around like a fish someone dropped on a dock, her fall was more spazzy than fatal.

I still got my hopes up for a second because she’s an old lady and maybe she’d break some important bones but she didn’t. Stupid calcium. I’ll get you for this!

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    TheMoose 10/23/2012 18:14

    Why would anyone want to see this geriatric hag’s concert???

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    dubbya 10/23/2012 18:45

    Was hoping she’d get pulled into the crowd and 4 seconds later a skeleton and blonde wig would be burped back onto the stage.

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    shes_got_moxie 10/23/2012 19:08

    the way she froze up and rolled reminded me of those fainting goats.

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    dubbya 10/23/2012 19:09

    I love those goats.

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    iSlomoshun 10/23/2012 19:45

    Too bad she didn’t break her neck.

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    Mando 10/23/2012 21:03

    She was drunk or high.

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    SomeoneluvsU 10/23/2012 23:00

    At first glance, I thought the video caption read
    “Madonna fails on stage”
    I was wondering why that was news.

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    handler 10/24/2012 08:59

    It’s great how people go to hear her “sing” and she’s obviously lip syncing.

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    Tipped 10/24/2012 17:24

    Those goats are awesome. unlike this cunt

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    aGirl 10/24/2012 17:28

    HELP! I’ve fallen and I’m a terrible singer!

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    Thissiteiswack 10/24/2012 23:28

    How long until her daughter is legal?

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    Bono is a cunt 10/25/2012 09:49

    She’s an elderly lady at this stage. The only way to make her look young is to stick your cock in her and push. That tightens all her skin up as it goes up her snatch.

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    fabots13 10/26/2012 22:38

    she never impressed me as more than a skank, even in her “Like A Virgin” daze….

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