Matthew McConaughey is doing great

By brendon November 13, 2012 @ 1:25 PM


The good news for Anthiony Cumia is that he looks like Matthew McConaughey now. The bad news is that it’s because Matthew McConaughey looks like Ground Zero for the AIDS epidemic.

But here he is in New Orleans filming ‘The Dallas Buyers Club’, and that mustache really makes him look like a paranoid scumbag. Like like he’d tell you Jews have a dewclaw that can poison you, just like a platypus.

(image source = pacific coast)

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    bigdaddycool492 11/13/2012 18:07

    That’s because Mr. Cumia is a fancy, fancy lad! At least he didn’t look like Uncle Paul or Chip Chipperson!

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    SomeoneluvsU 11/13/2012 18:36

    Is he headed off to the Wonderland murders?

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    Sleazy Pseudonym 11/13/2012 18:46

    John Hawkes.

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    Tim 11/13/2012 19:42

    You do realize, don’t you, that he’s lost all that weight for the movie role? Or do you not get out much?

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    3way666 11/13/2012 20:21

    ^^What Tim said. HE’S PLAYING A GUY WITH AIDS, for crissakes.

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    NappKinz 11/13/2012 21:06

    What’s up with the lack of posts/stories? It isn’t like these are the only things going on in Hollywood. I’ll write blurbs about posts for free if it helps fill this page. Fuck, I just miss the old days.

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    EDH 11/13/2012 22:24

    Tyler’s not here. Tyler went away. Tyler’s gone.

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    deldavis 11/14/2012 17:11

    Matthew McConaug- HEY WHAT THE FUCK? No, no one really cares that much.

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    EDH 11/15/2012 00:21


    There’s a special spot in hell for you.

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