Keshas ‘Die Young’ seems inappropriate now

By brendon December 18, 2012 @ 1:34 PM

On Friday morning, Ke$ha’s song ‘Die Young’, her first single from her terrible new album ‘Warrior’, was up to number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100, but then the shooting in Newton, Connecticut, happened, and suddenly some radio stations realized they were playing a song about how cool it would be to die young. So they pulled it from their rotation, causing the biggest single day drop since the Dixie Chicks made fun of President Bush in 2003.

Unfortunately it happened to someone with enough decency not to say anything about it. If it were that cunt Jennifer Lopez, she would absolutely be telling people that she’s the 29th victim of this tragedy.

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    MacDaddy 12/18/2012 15:12


    Kesha and the word “Decency” in the same story!

    However, Kudos to her!

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    Admiral 12/18/2012 16:40

    They made their money on that song. I don’t think anyone’s worried about it.

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    LoK 12/18/2012 17:08

    sensationalist fearmongering whores

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    mattyj2001 12/20/2012 03:59

    Do radio programmers even listen to the songs they broadcast? The song isn’t about *actually* dying young, it’s about carpe diem.

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