Tommy Lee Jones is not amused

By brendon January 14, 2013 @ 4:22 PM


Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig were horsing around last night at the Golden Globes while on stage to present the award for Best Girl Actor (video here), but Tommy Lee Jones doesn’t have time for their nonsense. If you say you’re gonna watch a movie, you better watch that fucking movie, or Tommy Lee Jones will beat your ass.

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    LoK 01/14/2013 16:59

    Tommy Lee Jones will murder you

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    AlronDelzeen 01/14/2013 17:16

    Needs Tampax.

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    dj queef 01/14/2013 17:32

    I can relate..

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    richie 01/14/2013 17:45

    hemorrhoids are no laughing matter.

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    Admiral 01/14/2013 17:53

    “Tommy Lee Jones Did Not Smile” is technically news, I guess. It must’ve been a boring night!

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    LoK 01/14/2013 18:45

    well Admiral, lets see: No Walking Dead nom, no Game of Thrones nom, Benedict lost to monotone Kevin (I admit Dances with Wolves is one of my favorite movies), Sherlock was not nom for TV Movie/Mini Series and the Game Change is a boring as shit hack job…best thing that came out of last night is we found out (officially) that Jody Foster is a rug muncher

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    SigmaEW 01/14/2013 19:00

    I’m sure Al Gore and him used to be a blast to hang out with back in college…

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    Ass Mint 01/14/2013 23:45

    Jones looks like a cadaver….seriously

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    mercury 01/15/2013 07:11

    What a curmudgeon.

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    RangerLG 01/15/2013 12:25

    Constipation is no laughing matter.

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    LoK 01/15/2013 12:29

    he wasn’t laughing because that gag got old really fast and was supremely stupid

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    deliminator 01/15/2013 14:24

    LoK has it right. It was pretty damn painful when they did the exact same thing for every movie. It was like a bad SNL gag, where they just keep repeating the same punchline over and over when it didn’t work in the first place.

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    travist 01/15/2013 16:07


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