Guys Who Say Girls Don’t Need Makeup Have Never Woken Up Next to Morning Shift Stripper

By Johnny Redd February 25, 2013 @ 4:35 PM

Kendra Wilkinson by day and by night.

Busy beaver be the former stripper turned into mom-friendly book writer, appearing by day at a practice session for what certainly must be the most idiotic television program in the long annals of such media, Splash, one of ten or fifteen new celebrity diving shows appearing on network television shortly because some dumbass in a focus group said it sounded like something they’s want to watch. I’m looking at you liquid detergent buying middle-aged housewife from Bakersfield, CA where such matters are put to science.

And Kendra by night, hitting the town during Oscar weekend to remind people that they used to pay her to get naked and she was usually worth a decent tip. She does still put on quite the public show when she’s working it, old-pro style. This is the girl Hef hired to fluff; I don’t think he would have hired diving board wet and scared Kendra, well, maybe if she had a dick.

Photo credit: PCN / SPLASH


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    gkline 02/25/2013 16:39

    I gave up half-way through that first non-stop, rambling sentence.

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    Rage 02/25/2013 16:40

    Hey…Bill. Did you even read your own headline before posting it?

    You left out “A” word.

    Fucking idiot..

    If you killed yourself now; that would be the funniest thing you did all day.

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    Lick-it 02/25/2013 16:44

    You know what would make this a better read….???

    …a bevy of pretty girls showing their tits……

    …it always worked for BrenDan……

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    gkline 02/25/2013 16:45

    “Busy beaver be the former stripper” Seriously, “Bill”? Is Buzz farming the site out to group in India?

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    tommyoh 02/25/2013 16:45

    Wow.. fucking train wreck… I’m talking about Bill, not Kendra. I have shitty grammar, but then again I don’t fancy myself a blogger.

  6. avatar
    Lick-it 02/25/2013 16:45


    …that was unnecessarily mean…….

    ….it didn’t always work for Brendin either…..

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    styckx 02/25/2013 16:46


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    Lick-it 02/25/2013 16:47

    Here’s the thing with Kendra…….I’m not all that “picky”….but there are times when even I wouldn’t fuck her……

    …and I REALLY like Fuckin’……

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    starphucker 02/25/2013 16:50

    stop posting bill. you’re not good at it.

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    Rage 02/25/2013 16:52

    English Grammar For Dummies is on Amazon right now for $11.74 (Save $8.25!)
    Professional Blogging For Dummies is on Amazon right now for $16.65. (Save $8.34!)

    Why don’t you start with those and then when you finish you can put on your big boy pants and we can take you out for ice cream!

    Or you could just save us all some time and die. I really don’t care HOW you die…just fucking die. Slow; fast, painful or painless…I’m not picky. Just do it soon. No one will miss you.

    Die you fucking piece of waste…Die Die Die…

  11. avatar
    Rage 02/25/2013 17:02

    I’m done. Fuck this place.

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    fiddlebom 02/25/2013 17:05

    What would Tyler Durden do? He most certainly would find a nifty hiding place for his icepick in the cranium of this article’s writer.

  13. avatar
    MacDaddy 02/25/2013 17:10

    Holy fuck that was some bad writing!

  14. avatar
    felch 02/25/2013 17:10

    Have you ever heard of a run-on sentence? This is the most unfunny pile of shit I have ever had the misfortune of reading on this site. Fire this chode, please.

  15. avatar
    BaggahMcGuirk 02/25/2013 17:17

    Ok I’m done with this site. By the way, Bren is still in control of wwtdd twitter handle if anyone is interested.

  16. avatar
    felch 02/25/2013 17:19

    Btw, congrats to “colin” for being the funniest of the substitute writers, which i guess puts you in the same stratosphere as “the best replacement official from last football season” or the “friendliest pedophile.”

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    thejyav 02/25/2013 17:19

    I’m starting to think this is some punk rock vibe. With each article being more poorly written than the last, it is as if they are saying “that’s right we failed English classes in high school, can’t tell jokes and have nothing to say but FUCK YOU we are going to say it anyway and in 2,000 word articles to!” (yes I misspelled too on purpose)

  18. avatar
    thejyav 02/25/2013 17:21

    BTW it’s interesting that they have put up a word count equivalent to War and Peace today but have not updated the about page, which is still about Brendon.

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    jessleigh 02/25/2013 17:23

    I cannot read this shit. The sentences have no structure!!! What the hell happened, I used to love this site! I miss Brendon…

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    Lick-it 02/25/2013 17:26

    What is it they say…….10,000 monkeys on 10 million typewriters in ten billion years …….

    ….could not improve Kendra’s fake tits….???

    …something like that….

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