Aly Michalka Is Good At Vacationing

By Steve G. March 01, 2013 @ 5:02 PM

Girls like Aly Michalka may be a dime a dozen in glamorous big cities, but I don’t live in such a gleaming metropolis. I live in a much, much, more dark and depressing place where women have “morals” or draw attention to themselves by screaming and kicking when you try to drag them into your car. Which is why it is perfect that Aly likes to vacation in the middle of the woods. Jobs already done.

(Editor’s note: fuck ^^^ that’s pretty creepy)

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    gkline 03/01/2013 17:08

    “Girls like Aly Michalka may be a dime a dozen”…so are writers like the idiots that work here.

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    InventedTiME 03/01/2013 17:23

    The Editor is finally starting to see what we see.

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    SomeoneluvsU 03/01/2013 17:28

    V is for Victory…
    or Vagina..

    or Victorious Vagina

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    Doo Doo Fresh 03/01/2013 17:28

    A dime a dozen? Please. I – or any other hetero breeder – would be happy to bang this girl. Even if she had a pussy that smelled like a garbage can filled with day old kimchi.

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    Lick-it 03/01/2013 17:56

    I could handle a “Baker’s Dozen” of chicks like this…..

    …because…well…..I like handles…

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    Lick-it 03/01/2013 17:58

    Which is why it is perfect that Aly likes to vacation in the middle of the woods. Jobs already done.

    …..change to something like…..”we’re in”…

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    Admiral 03/01/2013 18:07

    Looks like Sarah Michelle Gellar. Jeller? That Buffy chick.

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    lions roar 03/01/2013 18:22

    Could we have fewer creepy as fuck rape jokes? Jesus christ, what happened to this site.

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    Lick-it 03/01/2013 18:24

    lions roar is right…..let’s make the rape jokes more solid and mainstream…

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    Doo Doo Fresh 03/01/2013 18:30

    I’m totally against rape. Unless its justified.

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    Lick-it 03/01/2013 18:50

    Doo Doo Fresh…….

    ….rape is only justifiable if……..(as Louis C.K. has opined)……you see someone and you really wanna fuck ‘em………

    …and they said “no”….

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    Doo Doo Fresh 03/01/2013 19:02

    Licker – perfect example. Another good one would be if you conquer a country. If you go through all that effort, helping yourself to the local ladies would seem to be a just reward.

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    Stu Gotz 03/01/2013 19:16

    Would you give us a little context on why I should care about this random person and who she is? I don’t know who the eff Aly Michalka is.

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    The Mildly Tanned Knight 03/01/2013 19:17

    That girl is all kinds of yummy…..and probably all kinds of slutty.

    “These are a few, of my favorite things…..”

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    Little Sister 03/01/2013 19:20

    “Jobs already done” contraction of “job” and “is”. “Job’s already done.” This had an editor?

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    fabots13 03/01/2013 19:26

    She’s hot. I’d Fuck Her. What the fuck is all the critiqueing and babbling-assed bullshit accomplishing?

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    Conal 03/01/2013 19:45

    “Wow, this forest is scary” she says.

    “Imagine how I feel, I have to walk out of it alone.”

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    travist 03/01/2013 21:53

    i wonder how long whoever this chick is held her breath in for that photo…

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    AdrianMoss 03/02/2013 01:55

    Title should be, “Average blonde broad sucks in gut and rates herself 4/10″

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    Al Bundy 03/02/2013 03:19

    >I’m totally against rape. Unless its justified.<

    Or if it seems like she's totally asking for it.

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