Design the Next WWTDD Banner! Win $666! Get Laid!

March 28, 2013 | site news | colin | 0 Comments

I was just thinking today, what is it that people really love. I came up with money and Breaking Bad. I can only get you one of those.

We’re going to be updating the WordPress formatting on the site soon, some very modest shit, but I also want to update the look of the header banner.

If you have a little creative in you and a borrowed version of Photoshop, enter your submission for the new banner. Creatively, consider it completely wide open. Don’t even feel obliged to include the full text name, or do. Keep the old logos, or don’t. I will chuckle at the people who send me ‘Fuck You, Cunt Face’ banners. You will not be winning Satan’s gold.

Please do make sure:

  • Submissions are in .psd file format, sized 850 x 155
  • No use of copyright or trademarked images or shit that doesn’t belong to you
  • You understand that whatever you submit may actually end up winning and we will own it and it will be used on the site in return for your cash winnings
  • You may not win and that sucks and you’ll have to deal with your own bitter disappointment

We’re going to take our favorites after a week and let you guys vote on the winner. That’s democratic for you and lazy for me, so it fits my m.o.

Use the contact form to send in your submissions. You can also include a little note about how you need the money to keep your grandmother’s dialysis machine pumping, but I won’t believe you even if it’s true, and that will hurt even worse.

Good luck!