Holly Peers Seems Nice

My friend sent me an email saying I needed to check out this model named Holly Peers. Now, 'check out what I just saw' emails between dudes went away the minute the first guy realized that just because he was talking on a computer didn't mean he could act like an excitable girl having Starbucks with her gal pals. Besides, since YouPorn added its video recommendations module, what's the point of ever hearing a friend recommendation ever again. Porn site algorithms know you better than yourself. Yes, I do like situations where ropes are used, in a gentle manner, to bind naive girls being seduced by older neighbor ladies whose husbands are at work sleeping with the secretary. How did you know? But, I still opened my friends email, because I really don't get that many that don't have 'You Are Past Due...' in the subject line. And I'm glad I did. Because Holly Peers is pretty spectacular. But she just does R-rated stuff. And, I guess what I'd kindly ask Holly to consider is being that firmly, but gently bound naive girl in a more adult video situation. And don't think I won't find my parents VISA card number to pay to watch you in that performance. I will. Until mom finds the bill and yells at dad over the porn addiction he doesn't really have.

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