See Lily Cole’s Boobs in New Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Video

March 28, 2013 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

I dig Lily Cole. She’s a redhead (a nearly sure sign that someone’s down for butt sex, trust me) who likes to show her boobs. Fuck what some feminists say, women have as much right to show off their tits and be sexual as they do to wear turtlenecks and save themselves for the one God has chosen for them.

Lily stars in the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s latest music video for Sacrilege, where townsfolk burn her alive for being such an awesome slut. The video┬áretrospectively shows the lovely Lily away running from the mob in little blue undies, boobies bouncing. We’re shown her getting jiggy with various men, a reverend, even a woman. That’s not not hot. The best shot of her glorious breasts is around 02:47. You can’t see any nipple in the video, but if you feel the need for inspection, click here (NSFW!) and see that the carpet most definitely matches the drapes.

I’m sure the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s had an artistic reason of some sort for burning the town whore, but it sure sets a dangerous precedent. For long stretches of history, towns burned their most wanton women. And what did they get? Towns that sucked. You know where they don’t burn whores? Vegas. And Vegas is awesome.

Here’s a look at some hot photos of Lily Cole, in case you don’t know who the fuck I’m talking about…

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