Amanda Cerny And Ciara Price Have No Pants (VIDEO)

By Travis April 05, 2013 @ 10:00 AM

I don’t know how it works, but I assume that because Amanda Cerny was Playboy’s Miss October for 2011 and Ciara Price was Miss November 2011, they get to be roommates in the Playboy mansion. Maybe they even have bunk beds. And every night they help each other try on lingerie before they pillow fight each other to sleep. Again, I’m no expert at Playboy protocol, but I think I’m close enough.

Anyway, Amanda Tweeted this video of her and Ciara hanging out in an empty Los Angeles apartment, which I’m pretty sure is how at least 90% of Criminal Minds episodes begin, and they’re both dressed up like sorority girls at a slumber party with their face masks on as they dance around like kids. Amanda called it the “No Pants Dance”, but Ciara is clearly wearing pants, and I hate when girls lie.

Honestly, if we can’t trust our Playboy Playmates to be honest with us and not wear any clothes, then who can we trust?

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    MacDaddy 04/05/2013 10:26

    Ciara Price is F*CKING GORGEOUS on camera and in person!

    I’ve seen her at the gym sans make-up and bed-head and she is still smoking hot.

    Awesome personality as well. Happily strikes up a conversation with even a schmoe like me!

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    CockworkOrange 04/05/2013 10:55

    Is it just me or am I the only one curious why we are looking at pictures of playmates with clothes ON?

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