Bar Paly Is A True Method Actress

By Travis April 24, 2013 @ 9:00 AM

In order to play a professional bodybuilder in Michael Bay’s new film, Pain & Gain, Mark Wahlberg was reportedly eating 10 meals a day, sometimes even waking up in the middle of the night to pound a supplement shake. In fact, he teamed up with GNC to create his own brand of supplements called “Totally Not Steroids and a Ton of HGH” or something like that.

But Wahlberg’s dedication to the role was possibly an inspiration for another of the film’s stars, Israeli model Bar Paly, who plays a stripper in the film. Except Bay, who casts only the greatest female thespians, wanted her to really fit the role and Paly had to add about 20 more pounds for that. She told reporters at the film’s premiere on Monday night that she had to lift weights and chug 5,000-calorie shakes to make her body proportionate.

And then Bay probably told her something like, “Don’t worry, I’ll help you burn those calories tonight” while thrusting his hips, because he just seems like he would.

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    RangerLG 04/24/2013 10:34

    What’s up with Israeli models all being named Bar? All two of them?

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    Shortshanks 04/24/2013 10:51

    They crave the bar……

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