Morrissey Couldn’t Wait To Piss On Margaret Thatcher’s Grave

By Travis April 09, 2013 @ 11:00 AM

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher passed away yesterday at the age of 87 after suffering a stroke in her hotel room, and singer Morrissey couldn’t wait to let the world know how much he hated this specific dead woman. In a brief essay for The Daily Beast, the man who penned “Margaret on the Guillotine” told us how he really feels, including this damning excerpt:

Thatcher will only be fondly remembered by sentimentalists who did not suffer under her leadership, but the majority of British working people have forgotten her already, and the people of Argentina will be celebrating her death. As a matter of recorded fact, Thatcher was a terror without an atom of humanity.

Unfortunately, word count restrictions forced Morrissey to leave out: “But she gave an amazing blowjob.”

Every move she made was charged by negativity; she destroyed the British manufacturing industry, she hated the miners, she hated the arts, she hated the Irish Freedom Fighters and allowed them to die, she hated the English poor and did nothing at all to help them, she hated Greenpeace and environmental protectionists, she was the only European political leader who opposed a ban on the ivory trade, she had no wit and no warmth and even her own cabinet booted her out. She gave the order to blow up The Belgrano even though it was outside of the Malvinas Exclusion Zone—and was sailing AWAY from the islands! When the young Argentinean boys aboard The Belgrano had suffered a most appalling and unjust death, Thatcher gave the thumbs-up sign for the British press.

Iron? No. Barbaric? Yes. She hated feminists even though it was largely due to the progression of the women’s movement that the British people allowed themselves to accept that a prime minister could actually be female. But because of Thatcher, there will never again be another woman in power in British politics, and rather than opening that particular door for other women, she closed it.

Thatcher will only be fondly remembered by sentimentalists who did not suffer under her leadership, but the majority of British working people have forgotten her already, and the people of Argentina will be celebrating her death. As a matter of recorded fact, Thatcher was a terror without an atom of humanity.


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    SomeoneluvsU 04/09/2013 11:21

    Maybe all this is true…
    But I know who Margaret Thatcher is….
    What the Phuck is a Morrissey…..

    And BTW thanks a Phucking lot for taking away our right to say Phuck.
    Phuck you, you PC pandering phucks…

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    RangerLG 04/09/2013 11:23

    Thatcher sounded like my kind of gal.

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    Shortshanks 04/09/2013 11:38

    Message to Argentina…..

    …don’t start fights you can’t win…..

  4. avatar
    Shortshanks 04/09/2013 11:39

    Message to Morrissey…….

    ….go suck another dick and pretend you mattered….

  5. avatar
    SomeoneluvsU 04/09/2013 11:48

    What is the acceptable number of atoms to have humanity?

  6. avatar
    rickyroma25 04/09/2013 11:48

    Well said Morrissey. I wish there was a hell. I’d like to imagine her in searing pain.

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    The Mildly Tanned Knight 04/09/2013 13:42

    Ever notice that Liberal douches always claim to be the tolerant ones, but are the first to dance on people’s graves while their families are mourning (literally, there was a Communist group of English pukes holding a public dance to celebrate this woman’s death).

    Seriously, what the phuck is wrong with these idiots? Are the really mentally retarded, or is that just an act to join the Liberal club?

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    Exador 04/09/2013 16:06

    Funny how other than this irrelevant vegan dicksucker, there’s no mention ANYWHERE of Thatcher being “the only European political leader who opposed a ban on the ivory trade”. In fact she DID ban the ivory trade in England.
    I didn’t bother checking anything else, because I’m just going to assume this douchebag poofta made the rest of it up too.

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    Joe58 04/09/2013 16:50

    F Morrissey he’s a over payed has been he’s a one or two hit wonder if it had not been for the Smiths people would go morrsissy who. Lady Thatcher had more class in her little finger then that hack has in is hole body that washed up singer

  10. avatar
    rickyroma25 04/09/2013 17:39

    Phuck me. There are a lot of braindead bastards posting here. I’m the voice of reason.

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    JTMoney2627 04/09/2013 17:41

    Why post such a large excerpt from this radical retard’s rant? The fact is Margaret Thatcher saved Britain from collapsing into a socialist, statist hellhole. USA is headed in the same direction thanks to Obama. Look at Europe, particularly Eastern Europe. No one wants to do business there. The governments are broke. It’s not working. Spreading everyone’s money around sounds great until you run out of money….

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    Al Bundy 04/09/2013 19:10

    Morrissey probably also had no problem with the IRA setting off bombs everywhere killing innocent people.

  13. avatar
    bagram king 04/09/2013 21:38

    Morrissey Who? Please at least study history before your uneducated, no talent ass spouts vitriol about a person who was twice as important to the world as a whole village full of your relatives. You are a no class piece of human garbage, and an oxygen thief! To the citizens of Argentina, “never bring a knife to a gun fight, BITCHES”. Oh yeah Morrissey did I mention (You Suck)? Please come to the states and I will meet you any time anywhere and kick your sorry ass. Peace out.

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    Gildorg 04/09/2013 22:03

    I seem to remember Barbara Thatcher as the PM who helped bring down the Soviet Union.

    She was the PM during the fall of the Berlin Wall.

    As an American, I cannot truly appreciate this woman’s efforts…
    However, that being said, I am saddened by her passing.

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    ifguta 04/10/2013 02:13

    She “hated” the miners, but she was also poor for the environment? Make up your mind. You can’t support coal mining and the environment at the same time. She was actually very positive for the environment compared to the average person at the time and though her views became more negative, that was after she was out of power and had no more influence.

    She was opposed to Irish terrorism, how horrible of her! It’s not “freedom fighting” when the majority of people in Northern Ireland voted to stay with the United Kingdom as they have been for centuries and got catholic bombs and murders in return. Of course she allowed them to die, they were refusing to eat! What is she supposed to do? Give in to terrorists who are using their own lives as a childish attempt at blackmail?

    “without an atom of humanity.” – does that sound like a fair description of a woman who saved a young Austrian Jew from the holocaust?

    “She gave the order to blow up The Belgrano” – The Argentinians started the war because they were controlled by a brutal dictatorship that thought Britain would roll over. They were handed a stunning defeat with a 29-1 air combat kill ratio and it’s something every Brit can be proud of. They are responsible for the death of their own children, blaming it on Thatcher is akin to saying Churchill was responsible for the children who died in Dresden rather than blaming the evil dictator who started the war.

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    rickyroma25 04/10/2013 05:32

    More comments from asshats who never experienced life under this pig. Look America’s a shit heap, you have more to concern yourselves with than the death of an old whore.
    Concentrate on your own dishevelled country, and don’t spout off about international issues. Everything Morrissey said is 100% true. It’s not his fault that your agenda won’t allow you to believe it

    Get ready, the Chinese are coming

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