Farrah Abraham Still Says Sex Tape Was Meant to Be Private

By Steve G. May 09, 2013 @ 2:52 PM

Farrah Abraham is still keeping up the shtick that the tape was private and in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, she says she had no intention of selling it until James Deen broke the news. I don’t know why this bothers me, but it does.

Daily Mail- The reality star claims that she only thought about selling the video after Deen leaked news of its existence. She recently sold the video to Vivid Entertainment for $1.5 million, but says Deen did not receive a part of her profits. ‘No. I mean besides me hiring him,’ she told the show. ‘I was like “I’m paying you to shut your mouth, you’re signing the agreement” like that’s what it was to protect himself.

Wait, What? So you just paid a professional porn star to have sex with you? For no reason? That’s something I’d do, but I’m a pervert. You’re apparently a prude that just sits at home twiddling her thumbs, according to your twitter.

Unreal: The star expressed her disbelief via Twitter, saying the tape was the 'one time I have sex in the past year'

The one time you had sex just happened to be in perfect HD quality, with studio lighting? You don’t go from nothing to suddenly having someone film you shoving a dildo into your ass. I’ve seen her work and this chick most assuredly sniffs out dick like a basset hound. Hell, the only reason people know her is because her legs were easier to open than a swinging door in a saloon, so don’t squirt all over me and tell me it’s raining. I’ve seen your brown eye, Farrah, there shouldn’t be any lies between us.

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    TwinkieRapist 05/09/2013 15:21

    I lost my virginity in the very same way. Almost. It happens.

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    Admiral 05/09/2013 15:24

    Sex, lies, and video – the only way to skyrocket to the top.

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    RangerLG 05/09/2013 15:35

    Did anyone actually tweet to get this garbage? Last time I looked, no one had.

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    FNC 05/09/2013 18:34

    Yeah sex sells, if you don’t realise think better is everywhere around you.

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    Beylerbey 05/09/2013 21:09

    Fatima Ibrahim clearly shaves her unibrow. Seeing video of her with and then suddenly without was disconcerting.

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    Dildo Baggins 05/09/2013 22:38

    Good gawd this girl is dumb…she looks like Joe Camel.

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    zionium 05/09/2013 23:32

    Arrest her for soliciting a prostitute.

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    Lascivious Celebs 05/09/2013 23:58

    well, of course she’s lying about it meant to be private. it was a calculated move. and you can be that it was NOT really Farrah’s idea. someone smarter and more cunning in business than she is came up with the way this all would play out. this is all orchestrated. but genius…

    not sure why people are hating so much on this girl. she’s hotter than a lot of the pornstars already in the adult biz. and i’ve seen the video, she’s definitely a much better performer than a lot of those porn chicks. plus she does ANAL in this scene…. there’s no question that this Teen Mom video is some legit porn.

    the best thing about it is that it’s totally CRUSHED the Kim Kardashian sextape… by a looooong shot. hate her or love her, our little Farrah is going down in pop culture history. even more… she COULD become a much bigger phenomenon than Kim K & family.

    and yess, Farrah… we’ve seen your brown-eye. there shouldn’t be any lies between us.

    anyways, if you don’t win the free video from tweeting…. the best deal on downloading it can be found here… http://lasciviouscelebs.com/backdoor-teen-mom-farrah-abraham/

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    Blicero 05/10/2013 01:09

    Keep pretending this news wwtdd. How much is Vivid paying for this “coverage”?

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    FNC 05/10/2013 19:20

    Now Farrah Abraham has just a 400k Lambo, $1 million, and some GIFs from sex tape.
    Wanna se?

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    Shastar 05/12/2013 19:32

    So I watched it. She is decent enough doing the deed. She moves like a porn star well enough and knows what she’s doing. She was especially nice reverse cowgirling the anal. She’s right in the middle looks wise (I’ve seen far uglier porn stars.) I can see her having quite the career as a professional jizm catcher.

    Oh, and about a day after they started the contest, they had over 50 tweets, so yes, apparently someone did tweet this garbage.

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