Julianne Hough Is Keeping It Tight

By Travis May 30, 2013 @ 10:00 AM

It has been almost two months since Ryan Seacrest broke up with Julianne Hough, but there are still rumors floating around that she broke down crying when the two ran into each other earlier this month and he bought her a $3 million mansion to keep her from blabbing to everyone about their relationship. But those rumors suck compared to the ones about who she’s been sleeping with since her beard service, because she’s a hot 24-year old actress that shouldn’t go to waste.

Julianne has already been linked with engaged actor Alex Pettyfer and it is even believed that Leonardo DiCaprio charmed her into joining his topless harem aboard his orgy yacht. But true or not, it’s good to see Julianne was at the gym yesterday keeping the whole package fit, because she’ll never fulfill her destiny as Tom Cruise’s next fake wife with a saggy ass.

(Photo Credits: WENN.com)

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    Doo Doo Fresh 05/30/2013 10:46

    I don’t know who is more overrated – Julianne or Hayden Pannitiere. I guess having blonde hair, decent bodies and average looking mugs gets you a long way in Hollywood today.

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    LoK 05/30/2013 13:52

    Hayden is more overrated, at least Julianne doesn’t look like a stout little person

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