Shanna Moakler Thinks Breast Feeding Is Incest

May 8, 2013 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

In case you pregnant ladies out there were wondering which celebrity moms you could turn to for advice after you give birth, you can go ahead and cross former Miss USA and Playboy Playmate Shanna Moakler of that list. That is, unless you’re cool with absurd theories about how breast feeding is like incest, in which case she’s your ultimate mom icon.

When a TMZ cameraman asked her if she was aware that children who are breast fed are slimmer as adults, the ex-Mrs. Travis Barker responded that she didn’t know that and then elaborated on her own philosophy. “I just look at my breasts as, like, sexual and I think it is incestual,” she said before calling the natural process “gross”. But then the tiny light bulb in her head flickered before she realized that she might piss people off and she added that she totally supports breast feeding and “it’s awesome”.

And it is awesome, because thanks to Shanna, women who breast feed in public just got a lot sexier.

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