Jodie Sweetin Says She’s Not In Rehab

By Michael July 31, 2013 @ 12:49 PM

Stephanie Tanner…er…Jodie Sweetin is denying reports that she is back in rehab, she merely lives at a rehab facility. Sweetin says she works at an LA rehab facility as a clinical logistics coordinator, (whatever the fuck that is), and that they are letting her stay there while she gets divorced from husband #3 Morty Coyle. Jodie didn’t listen to Danny and Uncle Jesse’s pep talk about drugs and has had problems with meth in the past. That’s why when she was spotted leaving the facility people assumed she was using again. Sweetin says that the rumors are,

“Such bulls**t … I am absolutely NOT in rehab.  I work for the center and they have been really generous in helping me with a place to stay as Morty wanted me out by the end of the month. The owners of the facility said I could stay here as I got things figured out.”

How Rude. (Cue touching music) We hope that Sweetin stays on the right path. Just because you were once the star of a hit TV show and are now forced to live with a bunch of junkies because you’ve blown yet another marriage is no reason to start using again. Because the only thing you should overdose on…is hugs.


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    Joey Jojo Junior Shabadoo 07/31/2013 13:06

    I really wish I could see those boobies in Playboy. Life long dream would be fulfilled.

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