Kourtney Kardashian Nurses A Kid

By Lex July 22, 2013 @ 1:36 PM

Kourtney Kardashian continues to distance herself from her family by not only refusing to get pregnant by a black celebrity, but also nurturing her children. Including this ginormous toddler who she put on her tit right out in public. I think it’s hers. The kid I mean. Either way, a big eff you to the rest of her family who would like Kourtney to stop eating and get back to earning. Khloe becoming the not fattest sister could throw off the balance of nature and see all the Kardashians consumed by jackals.

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin, FameFlynet, PCN

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    RangerLG 07/22/2013 13:49

    Um, she looks pretty discreet to me, and I’m sure that is hers.

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    Shortshanks 07/22/2013 14:33

    Why waste a decent tit on some dumb kid when there are tons of great formula mixes on the supermarket shelves….???

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    RangerLG 07/22/2013 15:46

    It’s a Kardashian, the tit is tainted.

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    Mud Nugget 07/22/2013 16:32

    did OJ squirt out?

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