Paula Deen Asked Black Employees To Dress Like Aunt Jemima

By Michael July 25, 2013 @ 3:46 PM

Just when we thought we’d heard the worst of Paula Deen’s racist shenanigans, it’s now come out that Paula asked one of her black employees to dress like Aunt Jemima. Well, like a stereotypical “mammy” from slavery days not necessarily the racist mascot for the maple syrup, but you know what I mean. In an article in the New York Times a former Deen cook named Dora Charles alleges that besides paying black employees less and dropping N-bombs all the time, Deen also asked her to act like a mammy. Deen was putting on a Confederate themed shindig for other racist rednecks when she came up with the bright idea of having Charles wear a gingham dress, red bandana, etc. and ring a dinner bell and yell, “Come an get it!”. Charles told Deen to shove it up her fat honky ass.

There are still people that think that Deen doesn’t deserve to have her celebrity chef career destroyed over all of this racist BS. Seriously? It’s not fucking OK to ask black employees to act like slaves. Why is this even up for debate? Because it happened several years ago? You don’t see that option on job applications. Have you ever been convicted of a felony? If you answered yes, was it a long time ago, in which case, no problem. Paula Deen might be a more enlightened boss now. But she never paid for the crap she did in the past. Karma doesn’t work on a tight schedule.

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    Beylerbey 07/25/2013 15:59

    This post’s title should be “Creepy Ass Cracka Strikes Brave, Brave Blow For Those Who Want to Rob His Ass”

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    carlosd 07/25/2013 16:25

    i guess racism is a one way street in this country now. Everyone cries for Trayvon when he was on tape calling Zimmerman a racial slur and GZ gets labeled a racist by the everyone including the race baiting President.

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    stonershady13 07/25/2013 17:24

    It’s the new double standard these days. Even the white folks have turned on our race. Sickens me as a white male to see my race giving their own kind a bunch of shit. Way to stick together. Clowns!!!! Still a Paula Supporter.

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    stealthy 07/25/2013 19:36

    site is stupid and wrong, either let people post comments or turn them off.

    Don’t freaking allow comment if you want to limit them.

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    The Mildly Tanned Knight 07/25/2013 21:57

    Go Fuk yourself you retard. Of course it’s okay to ask….it was a fukking costume party!

    You PC inbred moron. It’s not like she told her “Do it or you’re fired.”

    WTF happened to this site?

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    mporter88 07/25/2013 23:49

    I think she is an idiot but….
    I dont get this one.
    Is it degrading because she didnt ask them to dress up as Harriet Tubman?
    Or is is degrading because Aunt Jemimas image was used to sell syrup?
    Is something wrong with Aunt Jemima?
    Is it degrading to be a cook or a servant?

    Its a cook being asked to dress up like an iconic cook.
    History happened. It deserves to be referred to.
    I just dont see the insult.
    Maybe I have aspergers.

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    doccox 07/26/2013 00:47

    I miss the old WWTDD.

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    mattyj2001 07/26/2013 01:38

    Nothing resembling maple has been anywhere near Aunt Jemima syrup. Ever. It’s ‘pancake syrup’. Just sayin’.

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    Admiral 07/26/2013 01:42

    I once had to dress up as a dinosaur in 98 degree weather and shake hands and hug dirty hillbilly kids all afternoon. Dressing up as Aunt Jamima and serving wine-coolers to rich folk in an air-conditioned mansion sounds like a breezy fu*kn walk in the park.

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    Admiral 07/26/2013 01:46

    Screw that Aunt Jamima crap – it’s nothing but pure, 100% maple syrup for me and anyone I care about. Any other thick, over-processed corn-sugar slop is inferior and not worth the container it’s bottled in.

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    HeyHeyitsMaay 07/26/2013 23:55

    It’s not o.k. to ask black employees to dress up like aunt jemima? Somebody should’ve told that to the entire city of Williamsburg, Virginia. The second most visited tourist destination in the United States there, McFly. Books. Read them. I grew up seeing black folks grocery shopping dressed as Mammy, and they loved it so much they did it long enough to RETIRED. And STILL DO to this day. I know damn well why Paula Deen di that. And I don’t even like the hoe. She did it because where we’re from, it’s a way of life. And nobody forces anyone to get paid very well to dress up like Colonial Era people. For a living. Books. Read them.

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    HeyHeyitsMaay 07/26/2013 23:58

    retire*, did*. My bad, I’m worn out from a long day of being an educated Southern woman with a degree, from the capital of the Confederacy. Douche bag. :) Go back to posting about famous people’s boobies and shit. Whoever is posting now, whatever you’ve turn into in the past 5 years is pretty much gutter mold anymore.

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