Aubrey O’Day Wants You To Know She’s Not Fat

August 2, 2013 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Aubrey O’Day hasn’t ever been mistaken for a runway model, in that she’s always been a little bit big-boned. I don’t want to necessarily say that she’s fat, but if she didn’t have huge tits to always distract me, I’d probably say that she’s fat. At least that’s how she looked last month in Maui, where she looked like she was auditioning for COPS.

But Aubrey wants us all to know that she’s totally not fat, so she’s posting these strange bikini selfies to Instagram to show us just how good she looks. She doesn’t need to do this, though, because as long as she has those big tits and gives great head, she can be as large as she wants. Embrace your body, Aubrey.

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