David Schwimmer Dissed With Anti-“Friends” Grafitti

August 30, 2013 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Ross is not making any friends in the East Village where his irrate neighbors like to leave nasty grafitti for him. The latest note says, “Ross is not cool” and has an arrow pointing at his house. It isn’t the first time that some tagger showed angst at the horse-faced star. People have written “F**k you + your uglyness [sic].” and “The destruction of an irreplaceable historic building for what???”. It all started when Schwimmer tore down a historic house from the 19th century to build a brand new ugly fucking mansion to store his memories of when he was relevant. That pissed the fuck out of people in the neighborhood who would rather not have some LA style monstrosity built in the historic old school neighborhood.

I think there needs to be more of anti-celeb graffiti. These fuckers live in a vacuum surrounded by ass kissers and people with their hands out. But if people show their disgust at their bullshit in big orange letters outside of their homes, they will know how much they are hated. “I hope you get the Ebola virus in your lesbian ass” could be written on the wall of Bieber’s Calabasas home or someone that looks like me but isn’t me could tag “Keep your clothes on, ya self-important manatee!” outside of Lena Dunham’s apartment. Then I could walk by and laugh at the dude who had the gumption to write that in Alfredo sauce from Olive Garden takeout.

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