Hannah Anderson’s Kidnapper’s Dad Also Liked to Kidnap Teen Girls

August 14, 2013 | WTF | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Remember that guy that kidnapped his friend’s sixteen year old daughter and ran off with her so they Amber Alerted millions of cell phones to be on the lookout for his blue Nissan. The car not a a single soul noticed along his 800 mile drive to Idaho where completely coincidentally he got spotted by some horseback riders who thought he looked funny out in the middle of nowhere with a teen girl in her pajamas. Well, as you probably already know. He’s dead now. The FBI shot him. And Hannah Anderson, the girl, is back home with her extended family. But that’s not the weird part. 24-years ago this same guy’s father became infatuated with an ex-girlfriend’s sixteen year old daughter and tried to kidnap her as well. No shit, that’s Cat’s in the Cradle type fucking pathology. The girl his dad tried to kidnap was one of his high school classmates who his dad made him pass along an ominous threat to so the girl took off and went into hiding that same day. 24 years later, that high school boy grows up, becomes infatuated with his own female friend’s sixteen year old daughter and kidnaps her too. There’s no real moral to this story. Just the fact that you’re going to end up like your parents whether you like it or not. If your dad was an All-Star professional athlete, you’ve got it made. For the rest of us, we’re fucked.

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