Mrs. Ted Nugent Arrested For Taking Gun Into Airport

By Michael August 30, 2013 @ 2:32 PM

Ted Nugent’s wife Shemane, (yes, her name is fucking Shemane), was arrested after she brought a gun into an airport terminal in Dallas. Apparently, Mrs. Cat Scratch Fever forgot that you can’t take loaded weapons on or near an airplane. The Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport cops took her away and it’s unclear what happened after that. In Shemane’s defense, have you ever seen the part of town the Dallas airport is in? I wouldn’t be there after dark with anything less than an M-16. Also, I imagine it would be difficult to completely disarm in the Nugent family. Just keeping track of all the guns would be daunting. She must carry 7 guns in her purse alone. It’s unclear whether the Nuge was with her at the time, but I doubt it. He would have been picked up for trying to sneak his compound bow on disguised as a Barnes and Noble Nook.

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    tedujam 08/30/2013 20:10

    She was at DFW, which is in the middle of nowhere. You obviously think Dallas only has one airport.

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    mavfan1 09/01/2013 21:44

    DFW airport is in Irving, not in Dallas, and like was said it’s in the friggin’ middle of nowhere between Dallas and Fort Worth so there is no “part of town” around or anywhere near the airport that you could be afraid of unless flat open land scares you numb nuts.

    Love Field is a regional airport near downtown Dallas and on it’s east side is Highland Park which is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the country.

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