Did Zac Efron OD Before Going To Rehab?

September 27, 2013 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Zac Efron is having a very public struggle with addiction but did it get so bad that he overdosed ? Word on the Internets is that it did. Back in January, before he went into rehab, Zac reportedly had to be resuscitated at a party after he took a bunch of Oxycodone and Aderall. I usually just put out pretzels and chips, so I guess this was a more upscale event. Supposedly, he was so bad off that he wouldn’t even let people in the door unless they brought him pills. It’s sad to see a kid with…well…not talent, but you know, fuck up his life this royally. I don’t even feel like making any Zac sucks dick jokes. Do you see now how drug abuse affects more than just the user?

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