Stacy Keibler Had The Best Birthday Week

October 16, 2013 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Stacy Keibler thought that she was going to be the woman who made George Clooney settle down, get married and have kids, and that’s probably why he eventually dumped her like all of the rest of the younger models that he’s dated. Naturally, she wants us all to know that life post-Clooney is even better than it was before, as she posted this picture of her and her new boyfriend, Jared Pobre, on the tail end of the weeklong James Bond-themed birthday party that he threw for her from Paris to Las Vegas.

More importantly, Stacy is 34-years old. These “birthday week” celebrations aren’t cute when binge-drinking girls have them in college as a way to get drunk for free, and they’re not cute when a mid-30s C-list toilet paper spokeswoman has them either. No one’s birthday is so important that it deserves an entire week, so cut this shit out, Stacy.

Photo Credit: Stacy Keibler’s Instagram

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