Tati Neves Claims She Had Sex With Justin Bieber

November 12, 2013 | crowd favorites | editor | 0 Comments

In the days after she posted a video of a sleeping Justin Bieber to YouTube, and once people on the internet quickly discovered who she is, model and possible escort Tati Neves quickly made a TV appearance to explain to the world that she never had sex with Justin. But Tati has since changed her mind and story in a manner that is very convenient for the singer, as she told The Sun that not only did she make him scream, “Baby, baby, baby,” but that he was “unforgettable” and “well-endowed.” Eventually, someone is going to ask her why she changed her story, though, and I expect that Tati will say, “Oh no reason,” while fanning herself with a stack of hundred dollar bills, with Justin standing behind her shouting, “And tell them I have a huge dick!”

Photo Credit: Tati Neves/Facebook

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