Bieber’s Mom Doesn’t Just Like Gomez, She Likes Everyone

I’m not sure how Justin Bieber can look Selena Gomez in the eye anymore. She had intercourse with the enemy and was handed back like the plot in an episode of a Game Of Thrones spinoff. read more

Justin Beiber Sneaking Back Into Selena Gomez’s Life

Justin Beiber is still going through growing pains when it comes to girls. Sure, picking which religious cult you want to belong to is easy but knowing which woman you want to throw away your bachelor eligibility on is hard.  read more

Justin Bieber Beefing With Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson is calling out Biebs for rock culture cultural appropriation. read more

Selena Gomez Hacked, Beiber's Bare Boyhood Exposed

Nudes are the physical proof that famous people are just like us. No matter how many charts you top or records sold most people can't resist the urge of a birthday suit photoshoot. read more

Justin Beiber Rebukes Boxing Buddy Mayweather

The Hillside Church that is possessing the pop star's every move told Justin to remove all bad influences from his life. So relationships with 40-year-old illiterate millionaires who punch people for a living got tossed on the chopping block. read more

Justin Bieber Hits Paparazzi With Car

Some of life's most important lessons can only be learned through firsthand experience. If you look at Amy Schumer's tit, your retinas will explode. If you stand in front of a moving car, you will get run over. The latter is especially difficult for members of the elite... read more

Jesus Christ Interfering With Justin Bieber's Career

Now that the drama of not wowing more audiences with shitty autotuned music has settled, all eyes are back on Carl Lentz, and Bieber's new faith in Christ cults. Lentz leads the Hillsong Church - a group that has all the buzzwords of the subject of an HBO true crime drama... read more

Justin Bieber Banned From Terrible Country

With limited zoning regulations, rivers that you could use to dissolve a body Breaking Bad style (probably a newborn girl,) working conditions that enable us to buy disintegrating Old Navy t-shirts for $3, and crime scene-resembling cuisine, China should be the number one... read more

Justin Bieber Climbing Dumb Tattoo Charts

It's hard to keep up with which young rich kid in Hollywood is currently leaving the trendy tattoo parlor with the shittiest idea for permanent ink. This was bound to happen when drinking and driving became passé for the 18--24 year old millionaires.  read more

Justin Beiber Rider Demands Heavy on the Yogurt

Leaked insane musician riders should be taken with a grain of salt. The Evian baths and pre-sorted M&M's are equal parts lore and tweaking rocker shouting random shit out to his agent. read more

Justin Bieber Not a People Person (VIDEO)

You don't have to be a people person for Usher to find you, dispense throat babies, and turn you into a junior teen pop star. Justin Bieber's identifiable skills are being cute and playing some guitar. Being a selfless dude was never on the employee questionnaire.    read more

Justin Bieber Imposter Collects Tons of Underaged Nudes

A man posing as Justin Bieber on social media managed to convince dozens of underaged kids to provide him with unclothed photos. Not exactly genius, but presumably he's receiving high fives in the pedophile ranks.  read more