Justin Bieber Climbing Dumb Tattoo Charts

It's hard to keep up with which young rich kid in Hollywood is currently leaving the trendy tattoo parlor with the shittiest idea for permanent ink. This was bound to happen when drinking and driving became passé for the 18--24 year old millionaires.  read more

Justin Beiber Rider Demands Heavy on the Yogurt

Leaked insane musician riders should be taken with a grain of salt. The Evian baths and pre-sorted M&M's are equal parts lore and tweaking rocker shouting random shit out to his agent. read more

Justin Bieber Not a People Person (VIDEO)

You don't have to be a people person for Usher to find you, dispense throat babies, and turn you into a junior teen pop star. Justin Bieber's identifiable skills are being cute and playing some guitar. Being a selfless dude was never on the employee questionnaire.    read more

Justin Bieber Imposter Collects Tons of Underaged Nudes

A man posing as Justin Bieber on social media managed to convince dozens of underaged kids to provide him with unclothed photos. Not exactly genius, but presumably he's receiving high fives in the pedophile ranks.  read more

Nobody Going to the Grammy's This Year

Justin Bieber, Kanye West, and Drake  are all passing on attending the Grammys  even though they have 22 nominations between them. All three not so subtly noted how the young black man is being kept down by the Grammys. Though older black men, black Canadian Jews, and... read more

Justin Bieber Argentina Verboten

The wheels of Argentinean justice move slowly. They're still figuring out what to do with all the Nazi ex-pats who arrived in '46. Especially after all the parades and celebrations. read more

Grammy Lamenting Is Getting Old

The Grammy Award nominations came out. All your top selling music artists are up for most of the awards. Beyonce, Kanye, Bieber, the usual suspects. The pretend game that major award shows in any entertainment format honor the highest quality in the medium has been going... read more

Justin Bieber Punches a Fan

Every asshole will have his day. It often coincides with an effeminate Spanish teen reaching his hand into your car window to try and stroke your chest. read more

Justin Bieber's Real Ticket Buyers Speak Out

Justin Bieber threw a temper tantrum in London protesting the fact that his screaming fans weren't taking him seriously as an artist. Sasha Grey was known to do the same during her double penetration scenes. These outbursts can last a few years until society recycles the... read more

Justin Bieber Believes Himself To Be An Artist

Justin Bieber walked off stage in London because his idiot prepubescent fans wouldn't stop screaming at the sight of him. Bieber apparently feels he has a message to convey and wants to be treated as a serious artist and not the twink YouTube bubblegum fuck he is who has... read more

Guy Brags About Buying Bieber A Sandwich

Some guy named Kody Christiansen reportedly paid Justin Bieber's bill at Subway after his credit card was declined, proof that only assholes still eat at Subway. Kody insists he didn't want to publicly take credit for his good deed, but that the information was 'leaked'... read more

Justin Bieber's New Kidnapped Girlfriend Has No Bra

Justin Bieber's midget peen is boning a shit ton of young women. He was fucking Lionel Richie's seventeen year old daughter. But Bieber appeared in England over the weekend jetting around in helicopters with this chick with no bra on who's only known as Sofia Richie's... read more