Kate Upton’s Breasts Are Oscar Contenders (VIDEO)

By Travis December 20, 2013 @ 10:00 AM

Here’s the trailer for The Other Woman, which stars Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann as two women who realize that other guys will always ignore them for Kate Upton. There might be more plot details, but I was distracted by the very manipulative use of slow motion while Kate is jogging on the beach. It’s the kind of scene that could stop some evil terrorists from blowing up the entire world, because just as they’re about to push the button on their arsenal of nukes, Kate would jog by in slow motion, and they’d realize that America had it right this whole time. Thanks for saving the world, Kate Upton’s breasts.

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    MacDaddy 12/20/2013 11:21

    I will buy this movie just to see My beautiful Kate.

    However, this is another example of why Hollywood is dead. They just stole the idea from “First Wives Club”

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    TheAlchemist 12/20/2013 15:07

    Kate Upton is fat with ham hocks for arms.
    Why don’t people see that?

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    Beylerbey 12/20/2013 21:22

    Thank you, Alchemist.

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