PETA Is Pissed At Leonardo

By Michael December 17, 2013 @ 12:42 PM

PETA is really angry at Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese for using a chimp in their new movie Wolf of Wall Street. It seems that the ever-outraged animal rights folks don’t like that a chimpanzee named Chance is in the movie. They claim the chimp comes from a company that is “notorious for operating a traveling circus with an exploitative show featuring chimpanzees riding horses and doing other unnatural tricks.” OK, first of all, a chimp riding a horse sounds amazing. There is nothing funnier than a monkey doing people stuff. Secondly, the animals have to be treated well on a movie set specifically so people like PETA don’t get their no-animal-products-tested panties in a bunch about it. I’ve worked on film sets and I can tell you that they are closely supervised by the Humane Society to make sure no animals are harmed, or even just not invited to cast parties. That chimp was likely treated far better than most everybody on the set save the leads. Ever been a human extra in a movie? That’s when you get treated like an animal. Of course, Chance probably didn’t have his own horse or motorcycle to ride, but I’m sure he’s got one waiting for him back at the circus.

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    DrainBammage 12/17/2013 15:02

    >That chimp was likely treated far better than most everybody on the set save the leads. >Ever been a human extra in a movie?
    >That’s when you get treated like an animal.

    Every FSCKING time anyone hears on one of these tw@ts whine about some similar sh1t bout animals on movie sets, you should remember these three sentences above.

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    rdd 12/17/2013 16:45

    Who cares about PETA? I like animals and don’t want to see them hurt either but PETA uses terrorist tactics.

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    Beylerbey 12/17/2013 20:24

    I’m pissed at Leo for looking like an enormous 8 year old.

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    AppleCandy 12/18/2013 12:41

    I do not like PETA; They make all animal rights activists look bad. That being said, The Hollywood Reporter recently came out with an article exposing the fact that animals have been hurt and killed even while the AHA is on scene. Regardless of that shit happening, they STILL put the “No animals were harmed in the making of this film” line on those movies, because according to them, if an animal is hurt or killed while the cameras aren’t rolling, it doesn’t count.
    Human extras have a CHOICE, ok? They don’t like the way they’re treated, they can leave and no one will stop them. An animal has no say in the way it’s being used, ever. Animal injury and death reports from recent movies and TV shows. If you really were on a film sets, you’d know this shit.

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