Hey, Who’s That Hip, Sexy, Young Woman?

By Travis January 31, 2014 @ 10:00 AM

Hot off her critically-mentioned duet with Miley Cyrus at MTV Unplugged, Madonna left her Pilates class in Los Angeles yesterday with a subtle message for all of her haters. The hip and edgy 55-year old wore a beanie that bore the message, “Calm the Fuck Down” on it, and she makes a hell of a point. Instead of facing the little things head on, like how she referred to her adopted African son as the N-word and then dragged him to the Grammys like a prop, or simply aging gracefully with sophistication like most women her age, Madge continues to approach life like a guy who puts bumper stickers on his card to let the world knows how he feels about Obama. At this rate, we can expect her to handle her next stupid controversy by wearing a “Who farted?” t-shirt to the Nobel Prize ceremony.

Photo Credits: STS/WENN.com

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    TitsAreNice 01/31/2014 12:56

    Her hat actually says “comme des fućkdown,” which translates to absolutely fućk all in French.

    That makes it all the more retarded. Stupid old cùnt.

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    rdd 01/31/2014 12:57

    Are you talking about the nice looking lady holding a bottle of juice in her right hand, the lady right behind the old hag irrelevant in the hat and glasses?

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