Looking Better, Nicole Eggert

By Travis February 03, 2014 @ 11:00 AM

Back in the day, a girl didn’t get much more All-American than Nicole Eggert, who rose to fame as the hot daughter on Charles in Charge, before she stepped into another galaxy with her sex scenes in Blown Away. But like most stories of celebrity success in America, Nicole’s ended in the worst possible way, with her becoming overweight and sparsely employed, and eventually she was a shitty gimmick reality series afterthought. Nicole was spotted out on Saturday, after she recently filed for bankruptcy, and she can at least be happy that she’s looking a lot better than she has in the past several years. Hanging out with a guy who looks like Kevin Federline’s failed clone won’t help her cause, but she still has something to be happy about.

Photo Credits: Cousart/JFXimages/WENN.com

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    Admiral 02/03/2014 13:00

    Holy shit, did a search for her on Google and she was crazy-hot back in the day. Who is the frumpy body-snatcher in these pictures?

    I bet she smoked and drank heavily for years. Jeez people are dumb – YOU ONLY GET ONE CHANCE AT LIFE. Don’t screw it up.

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    Shastar 02/03/2014 14:39

    God i loved the 90′s: Every wholesome teen princess from the sitcoms was doing their best to cast off their wholesome teen princess images by getting as naked as they could on camera. Eggart, Alyssa Milano, Elizabeth Berkely, etc. it was glorious!

    Nowadays, all you have is these kids sticking their tounges out and grinding on middle aged guys or being utter psycho queens. come on, teens of American TV: Get naked again! Do it for America!

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    cafltx 02/03/2014 21:50

    Sadly, she still looks like an all american girl. Except that now, as opposed to the 80′s, they are fat, old and broke.

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