Kevin Connolly Broke His Leg Performing His Own Stunts

March 25, 2014 | Uncategorized | editor | 0 Comments

It seems like the point of the Entourage movie so far is to cram as many famous people into it as possible so everyone will automatically think that it’s a huge blockbuster movie, despite the fact that the plot will be about as basic as they come. Will Vince get the role while his friends try to get laid by name-dropping him? Yes. The end. But Kevin Connolly proved that not even a pretty bad injury will stop him from collecting a paycheck while trading movie roles for some star-fucking, after he broke his left leg in two places while playing football with Russell Wilson on set last week. Work on the film reportedly continued uninterrupted, so we can still expect a resurgence of fedoras and fashion tank tops thanks to the film’s scheduled June 12 release next year.

Photo Credit: Kevin Connolly’s Twitter

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