Nicki Minaj’s Breasts Made Another Music Video

By Travis March 17, 2014 @ 11:00 AM

Ever the caring provider and girl with huge breasts, Nicki Minaj posted a series of photos from her new music video shoot for the song “Senile” on Instgram yesterday, and they actually answer some very important questions about the state of the music industry. For example, did you know that music artists still make videos? Apparently they do even though it’s a stupid waste of money since people barely have the attention spans to listen to entire songs anymore, and most of the visual storytelling of music videos has been replaced by a dick-measuring contest to show off fancy, expensive objects and very little actual talent. So why in the world would Nicki bother making a music video if nobody gives a shit about them? Because tits tits tits, titty tits tits tits tits, pay the lady her money now.

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