Frazier Glenn Cross Is My Asshole of the Week

April 26, 2014 | WTF | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

In any given week, I could be Asshole of the Week, but I’m not picking myself because that’s fucking uninspired. I’m going with Frazier Glenn Cross. He’s the elderly white supremacist who decide to shoot up a Jewish convalescent center in Kansas City to celebrate Passover. He didn’t get invited to any cool Seders and his little Hitler switch flipped and he got his geezer gun and randomly shot an old man and his grandson, neither of whom turned out to be Jewish. God loves a little horrible irony. He shot a mom too, just to be sure he completed his bucket list of cowardice. Then I think he got tired and took a nap until they came and arrested him for being a an ulcerated hemorrhoid of a human being. Now, it turns out the minority and homosexual hating Frazier Cross got busted some time back for paying a black tranny hooker to slurp his Grand Dragon in the back of a car. It’d be far too sweeping to say that all people who feel a blind and unspeakable rage toward blacks and homosexuals all secretly want their cocks gobbled by a black tranny hookers, but the real number has to be close to seventy-percent or so. Back in the days when Cross got busted for for-hire butt piracy, he also was being investigated for his Klan activities and eventually became a State’s witness against his fellow gumdrop heads. So, yes, a rat. too. I’m guessing his attorneys will plead some kind of crazy old fuck defense and try to get him into a mental ward because if  he gets into general population, he’s going to be living out somebody much bigger’s forcible sodomy fantasies until he’s gone to the great big cross burning in the sky. Which would be a befitting punishment for this Asshole of the Week.

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