Miley Cyrus Cried While Singing For Her Dead Dog (VIDEO)

By Travis April 04, 2014 @ 11:00 AM

Despite reportedly being devastated over the death of her dog, Floyd, Miley Cyrus decided that her shows must go on. Miley has been throwing a pity party for herself on Twitter, claiming that she’s “fucking miserable” about Floyd, and that’s understandable, because life can’t always be the pure bliss of tightly-rolled joints and widely-spread legs. While Floyd died on Tuesday, Miley took a chance to honor him at her show on Wednesday night by singing “The Scientist” (above) and “Landslide,” which Miley claims was Floyd’s favorite. Then, as a final salute to her dog, she shot 21 ping pong balls out of her butthole into the mouth a giant dog costume worn by two exhausted midget dancers. Floyd would have wanted it that way, y’all.

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    miche the killer 04/04/2014 22:58

    huh. “Landslide” doesn’t sound quite like I remember it…

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    G-Factor 04/05/2014 13:11

    Sounds a lot more like “The Scientist” from Coldplay…. Or at least her attempt at it.

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    JessBo 04/06/2014 21:57

    That *IS* Coldplay (not that I’m happy to be familiar with it, but G-Factor is right)

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    Shortshanks 04/07/2014 10:32

    I cry for the lack of doggy-style pics…..

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