Oprah Told Letterman That Lindsay Is ‘Doing OK’ (VIDEO)

April 10, 2014 | video | editor | 0 Comments

In order to make Lindsay Lohan seem interesting enough to talk to for a few minutes, David Letterman had to get Oprah Winfrey on the phone to remind everyone that she’s the driving force (and money) behind the 27-year old actress’s return to stardom. While Dave and Oprah joked about the host’s life in between pretending that everything is fine with Lindsay, she couldn’t even grasp the idea of how a phone works. But if the almighty Queen Oprah says that Lindsay is fine, then we have to believe her, and I’ll just pretend that there weren’t armed men with tranquilizer guns waiting on the side of the stage in case Lindsay decided to remove her underwear and ask to bump a line off Dave’s dick.

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