Paris Hilton’s Side Boob Is Off To Cannes Again

By Travis May 14, 2014 @ 11:00 AM

Paris Hilton side boob

Because someone needs a DJ for their meaningless after party or a really old, rich guy wants to overpay for sex, Paris Hilton has been bragging that she’s heading to the Cannes Film Festival again, and it’s certainly not because she’s actually supposed to be there. She also bragged about how she’s going to have a photo shoot with Ellen von Unwerth, who Paris claims takes the sexiest pictures of her. That’s a pretty bold claim, seeing as we’ve already seen Paris’s breasts and vagina on a number of occasions, and we’ve even watched her suck a douchebag’s dick through night vision, so unless she means that Ellen is going to take pictures of her being fed to bears, I’m not sure there’s a sexy photo of Paris left to take.

Photo Credits: Paris Hilton Instagram

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    DrainBammage 05/14/2014 11:31

    I really wish you would get your facts straights: she fscked a douchebag in night vision but she blew him in living colour.

    respect our national sluts, they still arent as big whores as the ones in congress

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    Puritan 05/14/2014 20:54

    herpes alert !!!

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    HelloNNNewman 05/15/2014 16:30

    Hmm… nice Valtrex ad you posted there Travis.

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